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Our Story

Premier Wealth Solutions Ltd is a family business straddling two generations. It is the strong family bond that encouraged Jacqui to form PWS to create her legacy. In her own words, here is the story behind PWS.

As most children do, I looked up at my father in awe. Not only was he my protector, but he was also my guide. From an early age, it was apparent to me that my father was an exceptional leader. From his humble of beginnings, he transformed into a successful director of a multinational firm and was respected by many.

In his mid 50s the firm he had dedicated so many years to, ‘’let him go”. I was working in financial services at the time and I recall my dad saying that the plans, investments and savings he had put in place provided him with the freedom to choose his direction. This inspired me to dedicate my career to advising and supporting people financially for both positive and unforeseen circumstances. Watching my daughters grow and grandchildren arrive, I wanted the freedom to work with clients more flexibly and independently. So here I am, creating a legacy. A family business to make my dad  s proud.

Having spent decades within financial services, I found myself challenging current organisational habits and drivers. It is with determination that I wish to offer a service with a difference. And my core values are at the forefront of everything that we do.

Our Core Values

Core Values - Independence


Core Values - Relationships


Core Values - Care


Core Values - Accountability


We enable our clients to feel empowered. But not just that, we make sure our clients fully understand the reasons behind the solutions that are put in place. We create and protect wealth, whilst making the complex completely clear.

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