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At PWS we provide tailored Financial Planning to help you plan and achieve your future financial goals.

No two people have identical financial circumstances, which is why it’s essential you have your own total wealth solution that meets your individual needs and goals. Planning for financial success can be complicated in today’s world. A broad knowledge of everything from complex retirement and investment products to risk management strategies and tax laws is required. Your total wealth solution is a financial roadmap that will provide you with clarity about your future. It should detail every aspect of your vision – your hopes, fears, dreams and goals. It should also describe exactly how your future will look and help you to know exactly where you are headed and when you are likely to arrive.


Having a clear financial plan linked to your lifestyle goals is essential, whether this is working out ways to build an investment portfolio, set up a business, retire early or leave your wealth to your family. We’ll ensure that your strategy encompasses an overall total wealth solution so you can plan for the life you want. For more information, or to discuss how we could assist you, please contact us.

Some questions worth asking yourself include:-

Q: Am I fully protected for any or every potential eventuality which might impact me financially?

Q: Do I have the security of knowing where I’m heading financially?

Q: Am I ready for life beyond work?

Q: Am I going to be able to maintain my current lifestyle once I stop working?

Q: Have I made sufficient financial plans to live the life I want and not run out of money?

Q: Do I have a complete understanding of my financial position?

Q: What will my children’s future hold and how can I help them financially?

Q: How can I pass on my wealth (and as much of it as possible) to the next generation?

Q: Is now the right time to sell my business and have a positioned my business ready to sell?

By reviewing your existing plans or considering a range of new planning strategies and financial products from the available market, it allows us to put together  either a stand alone  recommendation or a plan for your future financial security.

Before we provide advice or recommendations we will assess your needs. This involves taking into consideration your financial objectives, attitude to risk, capacity to bear any losses and understanding your values.

Our holistic financial planning service may include the recommendation for retail financial products which may include:

  • Pensions (such as stakeholder and personal pensions, SSAS and SIPP)
  • Investments (such as ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds etc.) and;
  • Protection (such as debt & family protection, critical illness and income protection).

For non-investment protection contracts, we are an intermediary and will act on your behalf when providing advice and making our personal recommendations to you. We will do this based on a fair and personal analysis of insurers available.

We will inform you if any investment we recommend restricts future access to your capital.

The advice we give will be impartial and independent. We are proud to have Chartered Financial Planners as part of our business to provide the most professional advice available.

You should be aware that investments carry varying degrees of risk and as their underlying value can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested.

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